Working Group - System Architecture and Implementation Modelling

Speaking a common language and having comparable approaches to Smart Grid architectures is important for the cross-evaluation and monitoring of the core project. In fact, it will be of importance, especially in the first years of the programme, to establish a common vision for Smart Grid architectures that allows the deviations and unique characteristics in the core projects to be represented and still enables the key players to understand each other’s approaches. Big remaining questions that the working group can tackle together are approaches such as security by design and other architectural ways to ensure data security and privacy. The handling of big data and cloud computing approaches need to be mapped in architectures as well. Microgrids and cellular approaches to Smart Grid architectures should be discussed and evaluated regarding its usability for the ERA-Net SG + projects. The approach is particularly promising due to the increase of the system’s resilience.

The work will strongly build on the European M  /490 process and the SGAM model. Both, RSE and B.A.U.M. Consult representing the Support Team, have participated in the M /490 mandate that was crucial for developing the SGAM architecture model that has become influential all over Europe and in the Ludwig Karg has created and led the task force systems architecture that was part of the E-Energy. It could be one task of ERA-Net SG+ to support the expansion of the SGAM beyond power to heat and gas supply.