Working Group - Regulatory and Market Development

go This is the broadest working group that will need to discuss major issues with regards to the relevance of regulatory and legal framework:

  • Impact for the rollout (legal obligations for Smart Meter rollout etc.)
  • Project scaling up and replication potential
  • Data Security and Privacy Rules
  • Market regulation
  • Business Case Development and Business Scenario Development

Different European regulatory frameworks and legal conditions shape the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to Smart Grid introduction and rollout as well as the commercial success of new business cases. They render a very uneven landscape for the introduction and rollout of the technologies, products and services.  As with different standards and rules for interoperability of solutions, it is important for the key players to become aware of different framework. It is also of importance for the Support Project to determine, why one approach can be successfully followed in one country, whereas it fails in another one. This working group’s key task is to determine what the market can actually do and which circumstances have to be controlled by regulation in what way. Answering these questions will give crucial insights into a possible common European market design for Smart Grids. This was also underlined by EC DG Energy representative Janis Folkmanis during the ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus Launch Event, who stressed that in the Knowledge Community, all relevant stakeholders necessary to shape the market design for the future are coming together making the EC very eager to look at the first results from the discourse in this working group.